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SADG Membership

As of 2023, everyone is now required to be an SADG and an ADG member to participate in any SADG event - excluding ADG/PDGA sanctioned events.

SADG Membership can be purchased through the club shop: 2023 SADG Membership

ADG Membership (which is free) can be obtained here: ADG Membership

The SADG Membership fee comes at a low price of $10 and enables you to participate in all SADG league events and includes entry into the Bag Tag Challenge. The Bag Tag Challenge is optional and if you do not wish to participate, please indicate this in the sign up form when you register.

Fine print:

  • Non-SADG-members can play in a league day but are not eligible for prizes and the fee is $15 per league day. This incentivises joining the SADG club because when it comes to installing a course, the first question from councils is ‘how may members do you have?’. The league fee (not the yearly membership), covers insurance.

  • If a non-SADG-member decides to join after the league they have just particpated in, they get $5 discount off the membership fee.

  • SADG Membership is a yearly membership and expires December 31st every year.

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