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The RPM Disc Golf starter pack is ideal for beginners to advanced and will get you out and throwing a variety of shots in no time. The pack will include a putter, mid range and driver - all the discs you need to throw a variety of shots on the course.


All packs come with:

Putter - choice of Tui or Takapu

- RPM Tui -

This is an excellent utility putt and approach disc. With a strong throw the Tui will hold a turnover and won't fade back

- RPM Takapu -

The Takapu has a very slow and stable flight with a gentle late fade. The bead-less rim and rounded nose fits perfectly into your hand and helps eliminate wobble. When thrown with high power they will hold their line like a laser beam

Mid range

- RPM Kotuku -

A good reliable stable to straight disc with a fade, this will easily hold a line and the glide is sneaky long



- RPM Pekapeka -

The Pekapeka is an understable fairway driver with extra glide. This makes it very manageable for newer players or slower arm speeds, and it will be a fantastic distance driver. More advanced players will be able to get plenty of turn from the disc.

Starter Pack - RPM Performance

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