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The RPM Tara iti has a smooth aerodynamic top and a steeper concave under the rim. What this means is this disc will soon become one of your favourite control drivers. The smooth top provides good distance and glide and the concave under the rim prevents the disc from flipping at high speed. Don't think that because it is a control driver and not a high speed driver that you will lose distance, the testing has shown that the Tara iti can keep up with other speed 12 and 13 discs and gets there with a far more stable flight. Check out our flight testing video. As the disc gets worn in it will make an ideal anhyser disc for holding a left to right line and not burning over (RHBH thrower). Once you throw one it will make your bag !!!

Tara Iti

  • 10. 5. 0. 2

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